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Making Better Dishes From Home

About a year ago, I started thinking carefully about how I wanted the rest of my life to go. I realized that I was significantly overweight and that I wasn't able to do the types of things that I wanted to do. Instead of of living the rest of my life unhappy and overweight, I decided to start working on eating healthier by choosing better foods. I decided to invest some time into cooking and reading about ingredients, and it really paid off. This blog is all about making better dishes from home, and knowing how to avoid weight gain through healthy eating.

Benefits of Sharp Knives and Mail-In Sharpening Services

There is a big difference between using a dull knife and a sharp knife in the kitchen. In fact, the difference of using a sharp knife can even be seen when cutting something as soft as bread, and it will definitely be noticed when you are trying to cut something like meat. Some people prefer to sharpen their knives themselves. However, there is a method to sharpening them correctly, and it isn't as easy as it may seem. Read More 

Food Stories That Inspire

Good food stories feature dishes that were passed down through generations or cultural cuisine that a person enjoyed while traveling or spending time at a local venue. A publication that features various ingredients and prep steps can influence someone to try a new type of cuisine. Meal Recreations A food writer may focus on budget-friendly meals, cultural cuisine, or a particular cooking style. If you have eaten some meals that you consider to be highly-rated, but don't have the knowledge to recreate these dishes at home, reading about the components that are used to produce a particular dish can be inspiring. Read More 

How Can You Use Leftover Barbecue Sauce In Creative Ways?

What can you do with leftover barbecue sauce? You invested in a bounty of bottles and now there's more local barbecue sauce than you can use at one time. Before you toss half-used bottles of handcrafted blends, take a look at the everyday ways to use the rest of your sauce stash. Create Condiments with a Kick A barbecue blend is a perfect way to top ribs, pulled pork, or grilled chicken. Read More 

Gas Barbecue Tips For Converted Charcoal Users

For years, you were a dedicated user of charcoal grills, only. Then, you came over to the dark side of gas barbecues and realized they really can make excellent meals. Chances are, though, after years of being a charcoal user, you are now facing a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using a gas barbecue. Here are some tips to help guide you as you adapt. 1. Remember it does need time to warm up. Read More 

3 Cuts of Lamb to Buy from an Online Butcher Shop

If lamb is one of your favorite types of meat, you may be frustrated with the selection, freshness, and prices of lamb at your local grocery store. Instead of buying lamb that doesn't meet your standards for any reason, consider taking your shopping efforts to the internet. Many online butcher shops will promptly deliver meat products to your area, and that boasts a wide range of products including lamb. A quick browse through an online butcher shop's website will make you realize how many different cuts of lamb are available, and you may be eager to try each of them. Read More