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Tips For Making Fried Rice Like Your Favorite Chinese Restaurant

If you have been unsuccessful at recreating your favorite Chinese restaurant's fried rice at home, then you will be pleased to learn that you can be successful in the future by using some simple ingredients and techniques. To this end, here are some tips for making fried rice that tastes as amazing as the fried rice from your family's favorite Chinese restaurant:

Tip: Use an Excessively Hot Wok to Cook Your Fried Rice

Authentic Chinese fried rice is cooked in a very hot wok. The excessively hot wok is a contributor to the final texture of your fried rice. For this reason, you need to cook your fried rice in a wok that is really hot. Trying to fry your rice before the wok is at the right temperature will make the final result have a sticky texture.

Tip: Use Peanut Oil to Make Authentic Fried Rice

Since the oil you use to fry your rice will affect its flavor and how the rice cooks, you should only use peanut oil when making an authentic fried rice. Heat the peanut oil until it pops and sizzles when you drip water into it.

Tip: Have All of Your Supplies on Hand to Cook Quickly in Your Wok

While your wok is heating up, you should gather together all of the other supplies that you will need. Cut the scallions you will include in your rice and lightly beat the eggs you will use. 

Tip: Only Make Fried Rice with Cold Rice

Since fried rice was historically made as a way to use up leftover rice in a Chinese kitchen, it is vital that the rice is cold when you fry it. Rice used for fried rice should sit in your refrigerator for at least a day before being used for frying. If you try to make fried rice with freshly cooked warm rice, then your fried rice will end up starchy and gummy in texture. 

Tip: Use the Correct Variety of Rice When Making Fried Rice

If you do not cook often, you might be surprised to learn that there are many different types of rice you can purchase. Most Chinese restaurants make fried rice out of jasmine rice. Jasmine rice has a nice texture and flavor, making it perfect for this application.

Tip: Add Soy Sauce Instead of Salt to Season Your Fried Rice

Finally, while many fried rice recipes call for you to add salt as a seasoning, traditional Chinese fried rice uses soy sauce as its seasoning. For an authentic flavor, only use soy sauce to flavor your fried rice. 

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