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Gas Barbecue Tips For Converted Charcoal Users

For years, you were a dedicated user of charcoal grills, only. Then, you came over to the dark side of gas barbecues and realized they really can make excellent meals. Chances are, though, after years of being a charcoal user, you are now facing a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using a gas barbecue. Here are some tips to help guide you as you adapt.

1. Remember it does need time to warm up.

One of the biggest advantages of gas barbecues is that you don't have to wait for coals to burn down and ash over before putting your food on the grill. However, that does not mean you should not give the grill time to heat up. Put food on a cold grill, and it won't cook evenly. Plus, you won't get those nice grill marks. In most cases, giving your gas grill 10 minutes to heat up is sufficient.

2. Sear high; then turn down the heat.

In order to take full advantage of your barbecue grill, you want to first sear your meat with the temperature on high (450 or 500 degrees F), and then turn the temperature down to a more moderate 350 degrees F. This way, you will get nice grill marks, but your food will also cook evenly rather than over-cooking on the outside and under-cooking on the inside. 

3. Leave the lid down.

You might be used to opening the lid on your charcoal grill from time to time in order to let in some oxygen and feed the fire. This is not necessary with a gas grill, and in fact, opening the grill lid too often can slow down the cooking process and lead to uneven cooking. Sear your food with the lid open, and then close the lid. Only open the lid when you need to turn over your food.

4. Remember to turn the gas off.

Another big advantage of gas grills is that you don't need to empty and clean the grill basin with each use. But you do need to remember to turn the gas off! Do not just turn the burners off; turn off the valve on the propane container. This is a safety measure to prevent gas leaks and explosions.

With the tips above, you will get great results with your gas grill! Before long, you will fully understand why others have encouraged you to convert to gas. 

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