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Serve Colombian Coffee During Your Dinner Party

End your next dinner party with a carafe filled with Colombian coffee that has been freshly ground and prepared by you. Colombian coffee has a mellow taste that can be described as somewhat fruity with nutty undertones.

The Beans Matter

Coffee bean quality matters, especially when you are attempting to brew a delicious cup of coffee that you would like your dinner party guests to rave about. Less flavorful coffee products may come from coffee plants that are grown in low altitudes and that do not receive sufficient sunlight or hydration. If insects damage a bean's outer casing, a roasted bean may not promote a flavor that is well-received.

Coffee beans that are grown in Colombia come from plants that have grown at high altitudes. Due to the cooler temperatures that are experienced at a high altitude, coffee beans tend to take on a more complex flavor than other coffee bean varieties. A growing process may involve the use of insecticides, an underground or aboveground irrigation system, and careful measures to ensure that coffee plants receive adequate sunlight throughout the growth cycle.

The Flavor May Impress You

To acquire the 'perfect' cup of coffee that your guests will be sure to enjoy, purchase a couple of cans or bags of Colombian whole bean coffee. Select a caffeinated and non-caffeinated bean type. If the beans have not been roasted, you will need to conduct the roasting process yourself. If the beans have already undergone a roasting process, you will simply need to have the beans ground into the consistency that you desire. The grounds will remain fresh inside of the can or foil pouch that the beans came in.

Use measuring tools to fill your coffee maker with enough grounds to make a pot of coffee. One morning or afternoon before your dinner party will be held, treat yourself to some cups of Colombian coffee. Use complementary products to sweeten or lighten up the strength of your coffee beverages. A fun idea for your dinner party is to serve hot or cold coffee beverages with whipped cream on top.

If you are going to serve cold coffee products, you will need to brew a batch of coffee in advance and ensure that you have enough ice cubes or crushed ice on hand. Once your guests are ready to indulge in some coffee, serve each person a cup that is filled with a hot or cold-brewed Colombian coffee beverage. 

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