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Electric Convection Oven And Standard Upright Oven Troubleshooting And Repair Processes

Uneven oven cooking processes can result in undercooked or overcooked food products that do not have a consistent texture. A restaurant appliance repair process will involve inspecting an appliance and using troubleshooting guidelines to uncover what type of repair or part replacement is needed.

Element Replacement

If your electric convection oven or standard upright oven is used to prepare large batches of food, you may likely suspect that the appliance is cooking things unevenly right from the start. Products that are cooked in large batches may have different appearances, tastes, and textures. These issues may become apparent to your kitchen staff or may be noted through some of your customers' responses.

First, inspect the cooking elements within the oven. If they are cracked or fail to light up, a service repair technician should be contacted to make the repair needed. When a cooking element becomes damaged, it often needs to be replaced with a new one. Provide a service technician with the model number of your oven. The repair technician can supply a new element and use some hand tools to remove the old one and install the new one.

Control Board Or Temperature Sensor

If the elements are lighting up and you hear the fan running when the oven is turned on, the issue with the oven could be related to a technical failure. The control board is an internal system that is responsible for relaying messages to the temperature sensor. Once the temperature inside of the oven reaches the temperature that the sensor is set at, the oven is designed to turn off.

A technician may need to use a manual that will guide them in reprogramming the control board. If the control board is programmed properly, but the oven doesn't turn off when it reaches the proper temperature, the technician may need to replace the temperature sensor.

Improper Placement Of Racks

One quick fix that you can make on your own has to deal with the placement of the racks that are used when baking or broiling food. If you own a large oven that supports the use of many racks, there may be occasions in which some racks are removed or added to the oven.

Look into the oven when it is turned off and determine if all of the racks are spaced apart evenly. A simple difference in how much space is between the racks could have a bearing on how evenly food cooks. Slide out the racks, if they are lined up improperly, and correct their placement.

To learn more about restaurant appliance repairs, reach out to a service provider near you.